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The Void (Linux) distribution

Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux kernel. Its package system allows you to quickly install, update and remove software; software is provided in binary packages or can be built directly from sources with the help of the XBPS source packages collection.

It is available for a variety of platforms. Software packages can be built natively or cross compiled through the XBPS source packages collection.

Follow us on Twitter, visit the #voidlinux IRC channel on libera.chat, and join the Void Linux subreddit.

Visit the Void build server console for package build status updates.

Contribute to the Void Linux project by adding and updating packages and extending the documentation. More information can be found in the Handbook.

Not a fork!

Void Linux is an independent distribution, developed entirely by volunteers.

Unlike trillions of other existing distros, Void is not a modification of an existing distribution. Void's package manager and build system have been written from scratch.

Stable rolling release

Void focuses on stability, rather than on being bleeding-edge. Install once, update routinely and safely.

Thanks to our continuous build system, new software is built into binary packages as soon as the changes are pushed to the void-packages repository.


We use runit as the init system and service supervisor.

runit is a simple and effective approach to initialize the system with reliable service supervision. Refer to the Void Handbook for an introduction.

C library diversity

Void Linux supports both the musl and GNU libc implementations, patching incompatible software when necessary and working with upstream developers to improve the correctness and portability of their projects.


xbps is the native system package manager, written from scratch with a 2-clause BSD license.

XBPS allows you to quickly install/update/remove software in your system and features detection of incompatible shared libraries and dependencies while updating or removing packages (among others). Refer to the Handbook for an overview.


xbps-src is the xbps package builder, written from scratch with a 2-clause BSD license.

This builds the software in containers through the use of Linux namespaces, providing isolation of processes and bind mounts (among others). No root required!

Additionally, xbps-src can build natively or cross compile for the target machine, and supports multiple C libraries (glibc and musl currently).

void-packages changes

xbps changes

September 03, 2021

DigitalOcean Renews Sponsorship

Void is pleased to announce that DigitalOcean has renewed their sponsorship of our project as part of the Digital Ocean Open Source program. DigitalOcean provides us with reliable infrastructure on which we run the control plane for our distributed fleet of machines, as well as some assorted monitoring and fleet management services. You can find our full list of sponsors on the Acknowledgements page.

Should you also want to run a Void Linux VM on DigitalOcean’s droplet service, we provide tooling for generating Void Linux images in the mklive repository.

July 17, 2021

Repository Signing Disruption

We are aware of an ongoing infrastructure issue affecting repository synchronization and package signing. We are working to resolve this disruption, but first must resolve another unrelated infrastructure issue. We have no short term ETA for service restoration, however our worst case resolution timeline is Friday the 23rd of July.

Your patience is appreciated while we perform this work as fast as possible.