Acknowledging our Sponsors

Void is a project that stands upon the work of over 700 individual contributors. All of this work, however, needs to be transformed by compilation into usable packages and system images for end users to download and enjoy. The build artifacts must then be mirrored and served, and all of this infrastructure must be monitored and maintained. On this page we’d like to thank the organizations and individuals that supply hardware for Void’s use.


DigitalOcean sponsors a number of virtual machines which run various infrastructure needs that support the rest of the fleet. Their support has enabled us to move non-build tasks off of build machines, improving the reliability of these services and the resources available for builds.

Enno Boland IT

Enno Boland IT sponsors the musl build machine, mail servers, and root mirror.

Leah Neukirchen

Leah Neukirchen sponsors the aarch64 build machine.

Pullmoll (a.k.a. Jürgen Buchmüller)

Pullmoll sponsors the glibc build machine and shadow mirror, and wishes to dedicate their sponsorship as follows:

Dedicated to Helga Buchmüller. Thank you for life.

Tj Vanderpoel

Tj Vanderpoel sponsors a Tier 1 mirror in the USA.


Pulux sponsors b-lej-de, which hosts Void’s monitoring infrastructure.