Mesa update to 10.0 and Software OpenGL

The Mesa package (along with its subpackages) has been updated to 10.0. This provides us the latest and greatest DRI support for the opensource graphics drivers in the Linux kernel.

One notable difference in this update for Void is that support for software OpenGL won’t be installed by default anymore as part of the xorg meta-pkg; users wishing to have this functionality must install the mesa-swraster-dri package:

# xbps-install -Sy mesa-swraster-dri

Or if it’s already installed, change its installation type to manual to keep it permanently:

# xbps-pkgdb -m manual mesa-swraster-dri

Please note that after upgrading your system, the mesa-swraster-dri package will be detected as orphan (unless it was previously installed manually), and it must be explicited changed to manual installation mode to keep it.