xbps-src: building packages against the musl C library

Starting with the just released xbps 0.29 and xbps-src v96 versions there’s support to build packages for the musl C library. Two ways to build packages are available:

  • Natively (matching your CPU architecture) via the meta package base-chroot-musl.
  • Using a cross compiler provided by Void.

To build packages natively for musl follow these steps:

$ xbps-src -m ~/masterdir-musl binary-bootstrap <arch>-musl
$ xbps-src -m ~/masterdir-musl build-pkg foo

Replace <arch> with your native CPU architecture i.e x86_64.

Alternatively you can also cross compile the packages for musl with xbps-src:

$ xbps-src -a <arch>-musl build-pkg foo

I’d welcome everybody to build software against the musl C library and fix/report portability problems to their respective developers.

musl homepage: http://www.musl-libc.org/