Valve's steam client now available for x86_64

Valveā€™s steam client is now available for x86_64. Thanks to the recent improvements made to xbps-src, we are now able to build 32bit pkgs for x86_64 by reusing the same unmodified build template files.

To install and run steam with Void on x86_64, follow these steps:

# Make sure that all pkgs are up-to-date.
# xbps-install -Syu

Uncomment the nonfree repository from /etc/xbps/xbps.conf:


And then install steam and required 32bit packages:

# Where XXX might be: amd, intel or nouveau.
# xbps-install -Sy libGL-32bit libpulseaudio-32bit libtxc_dxtn-32bit mesa-XXX-dri-32bit steam

A screenshot of L4D2 running on my system (CPU i5 3550, Intel HD2500, Mesa 10.1):

steam x86_64