runit enabled by default

The runit init system is now enabled by default, replacing systemd in the base system.

runit is small, portable and perfect for our needs. systemd is still being supported optionally and can be installed via the base-system-systemd package.

After upgrading you’ll have to customize system settings in the /etc/rc.conf configuration file; see this wiki page for more information.

All images have been switched to runit. If you are using a Desktop Environment such as GNOME, you might want to put some packages on hold and rebuild packages that need systemd with the systemd package build option enabled:

## This makes base-system-systemd the preferred base-system pkg.

# xbps-install -S
# xbps-install -y base-system-systemd

## Put packages with the `systemd` build option on hold.

# xbps-pkgdb -m hold <pkg> ...
## This enables the systemd build option globally for all supported pkgs.

$ cd xbps-packages
$ echo 'XBPS_PKG_OPTIONS=systemd' >> etc/conf
$ ./xbps-src show-sys-updates