XBPS 0.41 is out

A new XBPS stable version has been released: 0.41. This is a bugfix release that contains a new feature reverts.

Release notes:

  • libxbps: another bugfix while checking required shlibs in reverse dependencies. Written another test case to verify its correctness.

  • libxbps: rather than checking if user has write permission on package files for removal, check if the files are owned by the same user ID. This fixes a new issue where files with only the read bit set cannot be removed. Added a new test case to verify its correctness.

  • xbps-create(8): xz compressed packages now use default compression level (-6) rather than max level (-9); max compression level uses too much memory and it’s much slower; by Christian Neukirchen.

  • Improvements for xbps bash completions, by Eivind Uggedal.

  • A performance improvement for xbps_file_hash(), by Enno Boland.

  • Added reverts field to package definitions. If defined, a package will replace all versions specified in this field even if the installed version is newer. This is helpful when a broken package is released. The maintainer can downgrade this package and define a reverts field to the broken version. On the next update xbps-install will automatically replace the broken release by the new downgraded release.

  • Replace xbps-packages directory by void-packages in xbps-checkvers(8), xbps-uchroot(8) and others, by Enno Boland.

Please report issues at https://github.com/voidlinux/xbps/issues.