New x86 live image flavours: E19, Mate and XFCE

It is my pleasure that from now on we’ll start providing new x86 live images with various Desktop Environments for testing. Those images are also known as flavours:

  • Void live with Enlightenment (E19)
  • Void live with MATE
  • Void live with XFCE

Those images are generated automatically with the void-mklive script in 5 minutes and will be created periodically with updated packages thanks to our continuous package building available at http://build.voidlinux.eu.

The attached screenshot is my desktop with three flavours running at the same time via QEMU:

xtraeme desktop

Check the downloads section to grab them!

Don’t forget to help us improving Void with your donations and/or contributions to the wiki, void-packages or any available repository.