XBPS 0.45 is out

A new XBPS stable version has been released: 0.45. This is a minor release that introduces a new utility (xbps-fbulk), and multiple bugfixes/enhancements.

  • xbps-install(1): added -U --unpack-only option, to only unpack packages in the transaction, skips the configuration phase.

  • configure: added --enable-fulldebug option to enable extra/expensive debug output.

  • libxbps: fixed a dangling pointer when unpacking configuration files that are renamed (because they existed), if the unpack callback function is set.

  • proplib: extra checks when internalizing plists to avoid NULL pointer dereferences with broken files.

  • Move manual pages of all utilities to the section 1 (user commands). The xbps utilities can be used by any user so that there’s no point in having them in the section 8 (administraction and privileged commands).

  • configure: --sbindir -> --bindir and executables are installed into <prefix>/bin not <prefix>/sbin anymore.

  • xbps-install(1): if there’s not enough sufficient free space on rootdir, print the required size by the transaction and free space.

  • libxbps: if a pkg signature file cannot be verified, don’t continue processing other files, stop and return error immediately.

  • xbps-remove(1): fixed regression while removing recursively packages, don’t remove all package orphans, this task belongs to -o not -R.

    This closes #95 (xbps-remove -R pkg lists/removes orphans): https://github.com/voidlinux/xbps/issues/95

  • xbps-uunshare(1): replaced -D, -H and -S options with -b src:dest. This bind mounts src into dir/dest and allows unlimited mounts.

  • xbps-uchroot(1): replaced -D, -H and -S options with -b src:dest. This bind mounts src into dir/dest and allows unlimited mounts.

  • configure: added --dbdir options to customize path to pkgdb.

  • xbps-uchroot(1): added -o option to pass arguments to the tmpfs mount, as is. See mount(1). Useful to specify a size for the temporary tmpfs with overlayfs (-O).

  • xbps-uchroot(1): added -t option to mount a tmpfs as temporary directory for overlayfs (-O).

  • libxbps: file descriptors are now opened with O_CLOEXEC, to avoid warnings of leaked file descriptors while running package install/remove scripts.

  • xbps-query(1): do not truncate output if stdout is not a tty.

  • libfetch: added support for keep-alive connections even if the HTTP server returns 304 (Not Modified). This is a noticable performance improvement for xbps-install -S.

  • xbps now autoupdates itself when there’s a package update.

  • xbps-uchroot(1): added -O option to use overlayfs to mount CHROOTDIR in a temporary directory stored on tmpfs. This needs linux >= 3.18.

  • xbps-rindex(1): fixed concurrency issues with -a and -c modes; use a simple file lock to avoid inconsistent results in generated repodata.

Please report issues at https://github.com/voidlinux/xbps/issues.