XBPS 0.50 is out

A new XBPS stable version has been released: 0.50. This is a minor release that contains bugfixes:

  • libxbps: another bugfix for conflicts; do not take into account conflicts in installed pkgs when the same pkg is in the transaction.

  • xbps-alternatives(1): symlinks are now always created relative to the rootdir of the target file. Implemented by Enno Boland (@Gottox).

  • libxbps: fixed a bug in package conflicts: ignore conflicts for packages that are going to be removed.

  • xbps-alternatives(1): dangling symlinks are now supported, because the target directory is always created.

  • Updated zsh completions, by Steve Prybylski.

  • xbps-checkvers(1): Joey Gouly has fixed bug #120.

  • libxbps: when configuring all packages ignore internal xbps objects of pkgdb. Fixes an assertion with xbps-reconfigure -a.

Please report issues at https://github.com/voidlinux/xbps/issues.