GitHub Organisation is moving

So we’re finally moving our GitHub Organisation. The new organisation name will be github.com/void-linux.

We will move the organisation on 2018-06-15.

This is a painful but important step in our reorganisation procedure and lays the foundation of expanding our maintainer team.

Pull Requests

Beginning from that date, Void will only accept new pull requests for our new org. New pull requests opened on the old organisation will be auto closed. The remaining pull requests on the old organisation will remain open and will be handled, or the author can reopen them on the new org.


We will add a comment to the remaining issues asking for them to be reopened on the new organisation.


During the next few weeks the team will publish updates to point the repositories to voidlinux.org instead of voidlinux.eu. We will publish a dedicated news entry when the domain is ready to be used.

For everyone that manually configured a repository under the voidlinux.eu domain, please change it manually.

The voidlinux.eu domain will continue to work, but we cannot give any promises for how long.

At last we’d like to thank for the awesome support we’re experiencing during our restructuring.