The forum is Down

The forum is down.

The forum has been generously operated by @gregf and is not a managed Void resource, so we have no information as to when or if it will return. We have reached out to gregf to determine what has happened and possible courses of action, and will provide updates as information becomes available.

In the meantime, for Void Linux support, please explore the following channels:

  • IRC
    • We have #voidlinux and #xbps on freenode
    • #voidlinux is for general support
    • #xbps is for development discussion
  • The Wiki
    • The wiki is currently in maintenence mode, help us replace it at the docs repo
  • StackExchange
  • Reddit
    • r/voidlinux
    • Also not managed/moderated by the Void team, but very likely to be up!