Void Linux freenode Channels Have Been Hijacked

We have been made aware that during the mass channel takeover that is ongoing on freenode that bogus ##voidlinux and ##xbps channels have been created in the secondary namespace.

We do not operate or engage with these channels, and we do not maintain an official presence on the freenode network. We are still in the process of finalizing the shutdown of the #xbps and #voidlinux channels in the primary namespace, and have removed our channels from the public listing as part of this process.

Though you should always exercise caution when running code obtained from the internet, we urge you exercise extreme caution when using any code from any channels on the freenode network that claims affiliation with the Void Linux project. You can always find our official points of presence listed at the top of our home page.

If you want to ask the Void team questions in real-time about this or any other Void related matter, feel free to ask at any time in #voidlinux on irc.libera.chat.