Minor breaking change in service logging for several packages

As of this change in void-packages, all services provided by packages should start to include log sub-services that use vlogger(8) as they are updated, if they did not already. This means that service logs for all services should go to syslog now, where they can be captured by a syslog daemon.

However, there are a few services that manually log to /var/log/$SERVICE_NAME:

  • dnscrypt-proxy
  • dqcache (from dq)
  • preload
  • radicale
  • discosrv and relaysrv (from syncthing)

These services have been updated to use this new system, so they will no longer log to that directory. If you wish to retain the previous behavior, you can set up /etc/vlogger like shown here:

exec svlogd /var/log/$1