New Images! (July 2023 Edition)

We’re pleased to announce that the 20230628 image set has been promoted to current and is now generally available.

You can find the new images on our downloads page and on our many mirrors.

Some highlights of this release:

  • Installing using the network source no longer fails to create the non-root user (@classabbyamp in #319)
  • The xbps mirror can now be selected in the installer using xmirror (@classabbyamp in #318)
  • The xfce live ISO now uses LightDM (@paper42 in #324)
  • GRUB will no longer fail to be installed in some partition layouts/orders (@classabbyamp in #328)
  • Various improvements to the installer (@dateiexplorer in #334)
  • Xfce live ISOs now use pipewire for audio, and base ISOs now include ALSA (@classabbyamp in #348)
  • Live ISOs now include several new boot options, including screenreader-enabled, memtest86+, reboot, shutdown, and EFI firmware setup (@classabbyamp in #295 and #348)

The console screenreader espeakup, the braille TTY driver brltty, and the GUI screenreader orca are now included in all live ISOs for x86_64 and i686. To learn more about this, read the documentation in the Void Linux Handbook.

You may verify the authenticity of the images by following the instructions on the downloads page, and using the following minisign key information:

untrusted comment: minisign public key 5D7153E025EC26B6