Changes to Container Images

To simplify the container experience, we’ve revamped the way Void’s OCI container images are built and tagged.

In short:

  • Architectures are now encoded using the platform in the manifest instead of in tags
  • Different libcs and flavors of images are now separate images instead of tags
  • The mini flavor is no longer built, as they did not work as intended

You can check out the available images on the Download page or on Github.

If you’re interested in the technical details, you can take a look at the pull request for these changes.

To migrate your current containers:

Old Image New Image Notes
voidlinux/voidlinux ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc Wow, you’ve been using two-year-old images!
voidlinux/voidlinux-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-full-* ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc-full  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-full-*-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl-full  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-thin-* ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-thin-*-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-mini-* ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc mini images are no longer built
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-mini-*-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-thin-bb-* ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc-busybox  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-thin-bb-*-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl-busybox  
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-mini-bb-* ghcr.io/void-linux/void-glibc-busybox mini images are no longer built
ghcr.io/void-linux/void-linux:*-mini-bb-*-musl ghcr.io/void-linux/void-musl-busybox