Changes to xbps-src Masterdir Creation and Use

In an effort to simplify the usage of xbps-src, there has been a small change to how masterdirs (the containers xbps-src uses to build packages) are created and used.

The default masterdir is now called masterdir-<arch>, except when masterdir already exists or when using xbps-src in a container (where it’s still masterdir).


When creating a masterdir for an alternate architecture or libc, the previous syntax was:

./xbps-src -m <name> binary-bootstrap <arch>

Now, the <arch> should be specified using the new -A (host architecture) flag:

./xbps-src -A <arch> binary-bootstrap

This will create a new masterdir called masterdir-<arch> in the root of your void-packages repository checkout.

Arbitrarily-named masterdirs can still be created with -m <name>.


Instead of specifying the alternative masterdir directly, you can now use the -A (host architecture) flag to use the masterdir-<arch> masterdir:

./xbps-src -A <arch> pkg <pkgname>

Arbitrarily-named masterdirs can still be used with -m <name>.