New users/groups from base-files 0.81

Starting from base-files-0.81, the dbus and avahi system accounts and the network groups are added by default to /etc/passwd and /etc/group as follows:

# /etc/group

# /etc/passwd
dbus:x:22:22:dbus unprivileged user:/:/sbin/nologin
avahi:x:23:23:avahi unprivileged user:/:/sbin/nologin

After running a full system upgrade with xbps-install(8) two new files will be created:


You should diff your current files against these files generated by the base-files-0.81 update and merge the new changes back. After merging the changes make sure the shadowed files are also updated:

# pwconv && grpconv

and reconfigure the dbus package to set appropiate perms to the setuid binary:

# xbps-reconfigure -f dbus