New XBPS pkgdb 0.21 metadata format

Starting from today, the xbps-git package and the upcoming 0.21 version contains incompatible changes for the package database format (pkgdb). Please upgrade manually the xbps package (or xbps-git) and then use xbps-pkgdb(8) from 0.21 to update the metadata format.

Update the xbps or xbps-git package:

If you’ve been using the xbps-git package remember to use the -S flag to sync the remote repository index files.

# xbps-install -yu xbps

Update the pkgdb format:

# xbps-pkgdb -u
Conversion to 0.21 pkgdb format successfully

Resync the remote repository index files:

# xbps-install -S

The conversion must also be done in any masterdir being used by xbps-src.