XBPS 0.31 is out

A new XBPS stable version has been released: 0.31. This is a major bugfix release that fixes some concurrency issues in xbps-rindex(8) (among others):

Release notes:

  • xbps-rindex(8): use a POSIX named semaphore in modes that can modify repository data archive, to avoid concurrency issues.

  • libxbps: fixed an issue with errno(3) propagation that lead to ENOMEM errors when resolving dependencies.

  • Removed 0.27 compat from repodata.

  • If a repository has been signed previously respect its settings in repodata (unless there were new changes). This allows us to accomplish the following:

$ xbps-rindex repo/*.xbps
$ xbps-rindex --sign ... repo
$ xbps-rindex repo/new-pkg.xbps

… and repository is still signed after updating repodata. API/ABI incompatible changes, you’ve been warned :-)

  • xbps-rindex(8): -c [clean] mode now is fully multithread safe.

  • Fixed a double free while downloading binpkgs from remote repositories (reported by Hanspolo).

Please report issues at https://github.com/voidlinux/xbps/issues