The Advent of Void: Day 13: ncdu

On day 13 of the Advent of Void, you realize your disk is quite full. How can we find the space wasters?

On the command line, we have du(1) of course, which recursively lists all files and aggregates sizes for directories. But for a big disk, this results in a long, unwieldy and unfathomable list.

ncdu(1) to the rescue! This ncurses program will display the disk usage data as a nice menu that you can browse interactively; sorted by size of course.

ncdu makes finding big files in the depths of your directories easy, and it also provides help with cleaning up: the shortcut to delete a file or directory is just a keypress away (use -r for read-only mode if that idea scares you).

Finally, ncdu also provides a few options to restrict the file list to the current filesystem, or exclude caches and files with certain filenames.