dhcpcd>=7.1.0 update may require manual intervention

Starting with 7.1.0, the dhcpcd(8) package is dropping the 10-wpa_supplicant hook. Instead of the hook, upstream suggests to build wpa_supplicant(8) with CONFIG_MATCH_IFACE enabled, this is done in the wpa_supplicant package since version 2.6_14.

Users of the 10-wpa_supplicant hook will need to adjust their systems to guarantee that their wireless connection keeps working.

The following actions are required when dhcpcd(8) is updated to 7.1.0 for users of the 10-supplicant hook.

  1. Make sure wpa_supplicant(8) is at least 2.6_14
  2. Enable the wpa_supplicant(8) service.

Other users should be on the lookout as -M is now used to match all interfaces, using for configuration the CONF_FILE variable. Setting an specific WPA_INTERFACE is now optional.